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Natural E-Moist Milk 100ml


Natural E-Moist Milk 100ml

This moisturising milk works wonders on dry and dehydrated skin to ensure that the skin’s moisture is replenished and prevents skin from turning flaky.

It is especially effective for those who work for long hours in air-conditioned environments or sleep in air-conditioned rooms as it protects the skin against dehydration. The use of this moisturising milk will ensure that skin’s moisture is retained.

How to use: After cleansing and washing your face, towel-dry thoroughly. Place some moisturising milk on your palm and spread it evenly over the face, concentrating on dry and wrinkled areas. Gently pat the skin to allow the milk to get absorbed into the skin.

This moisturizing milk should be used on a clean face and used after patting on the E Moist Lotion.

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