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Natural E-Moist Cleansing 145g


Natural E-Moist Cleansing 145g

Natural E-Moist Cleansing will thoroughly lift off hard-to-remove make-up residues and impurities in pores, without causing any stress on the skin. This range of Fandelfe Natural E products contain mainly Vitamin E, Shikon Extracts and Olive Oil which have antiseptic, antioxidant , whitening and cell-renewal function.

This Moist Cleansing is gentle and can be washed off easily with water.

How to use: Take about 2cm of moist cleansing and spread it evenly over the face, making sure that the moist cleansing comes into firm contact with the make-up and impurities on the face . Wipe the cleansing cream off gently with tissue, then rinse your face thoroughly with water.

It is highly recommended to followed up with Natural E-Moist Foam.

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