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UV Creamy Base 25g


UV Creamy Base 25g SPF28 PA++

The Olive Manon Creamy Base uses natural ingredients such as natural Olive Oil. This Creamy Base has an SPF of 28 PA++ and contains a non-chemical prescription. This Creamy Base cuts off harmful UV rays before they reach the skin. It is hypo-allergenic and contains no perfume or mineral oil. The use of a micro-clear powder makes it easy for the base to be spread easily on the skin and is suitable for both males and females.

How to use: Use only on a clean face, this Creamy Base is to be applied after the use of your usual skin toner and moisturiser. Squeeze a 20-cent coin size of Creamy Base onto your palm. Dot the base on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and under the eyes, then spread it evenly with your fingers, moving in outward and downward movements for a flawless and long-lasting finish. For increased protection against UV rays, you may use use the Olive Manon UV Powder Foundation after applying the Creamy Base.

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