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Olive Manon Gel Essence 45g


Olive Manon Gel Essence 45g

Enjoy supple, radiant and translucent skin with our Gel Essence with the natural aroma of wild rose.

Olive Manon Gel Essence contains natural Polyphenols, the powerful “antioxidant” that protects the skin effectively and combats ageing and blemishes.

Ingredients: Olive fruit juice and Olive leaf extract are from our very own plantation in Japan.

5 Beauty Effects in One Product:

  • It provides the vitamins to your skin and helps to maintain the skin’s natural function.
  • It makes the skin brighter, fairer and more translucent.
  • Increases moisture in skin and help to prevent dryness.
  • Its helps to adjust your skin’s pH level to a balanced state to keep skin healthy.
  • It relaxes the skin with the natural aroma of Wild Rose.

How to use: Place about 2-3 pumps of Gel Essence onto palm and spread it onto the face and neck, especially the eye and mouth areas.

This Gel Essence should be used after patting on your skin lotion.

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