Fandelfe Natural Powder 30g92

Fandelfe Natural Powder 30g


Fandelfe Natural Powder 30g

This natural loose powder allows the skin's natural radiance to shine through mak- up. The use of the foundation is enhanced without a trace of colour and the use of Olive Oil in the powder helps guard the skin against dryness and provides a soft matte finish. It is ideal for touch up and regulating shine.


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Calming Powder 12.5g. 93

Calming Powder 12.5g.


Calming Powder 12.5g

This Calming Powder has brightening and protection properties as it contains Squalane. It also has the effect of smoothening ,moisturising and calming the sensitive skin. The Calming Powder corrects imperfection using light instead of colour as it smooths uneven skin and conceals pores naturally.


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Conceal Foundation Refill.  98

Conceal Foundation Refill.


Olive Manon Conceal Foundation Refill

A feather light portable creamy type concealer that creates a smooth and natural finish to the, uneven skin colour, skin blemishes, birth mark and scar.This creamy type concealer has the effect of corrects imperfection skin while smoothing , moisturising and re-texturising them.
Even up close skin looks more flawless fair and translucent.


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Conceal Foundation 8g    OUT OF STOCK90

Conceal Foundation 8g OUT OF STOCK


Olive Manon Conceal Foundation 8g

A feather-light portable creamy-type concealer that creates a smooth and natural finish to the uneven skin tone, skin blemishes, birth marks and scars. This creamy-type concealer corrects imperfect skin while smoothening, moisturising and re-texturing it.
Even up-close skin looks more flawless, fair and translucent after the use of this concealer.


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