Lip balm

Shikonil Lip 1.8g59

Shikonil Lip 1.8g


Shikonil Lip (Treatment Lip Balm) 1.8g

A unique blend of natural moisturising and conditioning ingredients such as Olive Oil and Shikon extracts, that will heal and treat dry, and uneven coloured lips.
This Shikonil Lip is free of artificial chemicals and the natural colouring is from Shikon roots extracts, which is light red . It is non-sticky and glides on smoothly and beautifully on your lips.
It helps to take care of your lips while adding a subtle hint of shine. It is also suitable for babies and sensitive lips.
Apply directly onto the lips day and night.


  • lip balm
  • sensitive skin
UV Olive Lip Balm 1.8g67

UV Olive Lip Balm 1.8g


UV Olive Lip Balm 1.8g

This Lip Balm is a unique blend of moisturising and conditioning ingredients that help take care of your lips, whilst adding a subtle hint of clear shine.

Apply directly to the lips, following its natural shape.


  • lip balm