Natural E-Moist Calming 100ml153

Natural E-Moist Calming 100ml


Natural E-Moist Calming 100ml

This calming lotion contains Shikoni which can treat problem skin with acne or sensitive and red skin. It brings down the redness of the skin, cooling it down while at the same time replenishing its moisture. The skin can be rid of acne and pimples and at the same time keep it moist and soft all the time.

Use this like a lotion after cleansing and washing, or as a base lotion to retain moisture before application of make-up. Before make-up, wash and dry face thoroughly before patting on this lotion gently onto face. Allow the lotion to get absorbed before applying your make-up base. After cleansing and washing, place about 2~4ml of lotion onto the palm or a piece of cotton pad and spread it evenly on the face. Allow the lotion to get absorbed into the skin before applying a layer of E Moist Milk to keep the skin moist and supple.


  • face
  • acne
Olive Facial Soap 80g 45

Olive Facial Soap 80g


Olive Facial Soap ( Foam Washing ) 80g

This magical Olive Facial Soap whitens your skin and also effectively prevents skin from spots, pimples, and blemishes.
The main ingredient is Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamins A,D,E and F and it also has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that are proven to be very important to our skin and daily life.
It also effectively protects the skin from harmful U/V rays.
Gently massage the skin with the soap until abundant foam appears and wash your face thoroughly with water.


  • face
  • soap
  • acne
URUOI Calamine Lotion 150ml 34

URUOI Calamine Lotion 150ml


URUOI Calamine Lotion 150ml

This refreshing, cool and quick-absorbing lotion controls excess oil secretion as well as dries and clears acne as well as skin problems effectively. The unique lotion is naturally colored by Shikon roots extracts, a herbal extract that is also effective in healing wounds. After cleansing and washing your face, apply this Calamine Lotion using a cotton pad or pouring directly onto your palm. Gently press the lotion in the skin instead of patting it.


  • face
  • acne
Olive Manon Virgin Oil 100ml x 2                            81

Olive Manon Virgin Oil 100ml x 2


100% Olive Oil, No fragrance, no preservatives.

Olive Manon Virgin Oil comes from the single largest olive plantation in Japan. Our olives are harvested in the winter months and cold pressed immediately on the same day. It is the one product that caters to all your beauty needs, from head to toe.


  • face
  • hair
  • body
  • baby
  • cleansing
  • moisturize
  • acne
  • body treatment
  • sensitive skin