Murasaki Sou Sensitive Skin Series

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Huile D'Olive 145ml54

Huile D'Olive 145ml


Huile D'Olive (Cleansing Milk) 145ml

This is a mild form of skin cleanser which works well on sensitive skin that also tends to be oily at times.
This works well on skin and stops excessive sebum secretion, keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy.
Before use, ensure that hands are thoroughly dry and clean.
Pour a sufficient amount of this Cleansing Milk onto your palm and spread it over face, and massage gently, so that make-up, grime or dirt can be removed .
After that gently wipe away with soft tissues or wash away with water.
This should be followed by the use of Savon D'Olive.


  • cleansing
  • sensitive skin
Savon D' Olive 100g.  55

Savon D' Olive 100g.


Savon D' Olive (Soap) 100g

This Savon D'Olive is a mild face washing soap that will remove dead skin cells, dust and dirt.
It will break the surface tension of water, making it easier for water to get at the dirt and the skin will feel clean and fresh after washing.
Wash your hand first and keep it wet. Take the soap in your palms and make a good lather, gently spread the foam over your face,then rinse with water thoroughly.
To complete the beauty regime, use the Eau D' Shikon after your face has been cleansed and washed.


  • cleansing
  • soap
  • sensitive skin
Eau D' Shikon 120ml56

Eau D' Shikon 120ml


Eau D' Shikon (Toning Lotion) 120ml

This Toning Lotion can effectively maintain the soft texture of your skin and treat rough and sensitive skin by replenishing lost moisture and providing the skin with the necessary vitamins to maintain its texture.
After washing the face thoroughly, place about 2ml of this toning lotion onto the palm or on a piece of cotton pad and spread it on the face evenly. Allow the lotion to get absorbed into the skin before applying a layer of Lait D' Shikon to keep the skin smooth, moist and supple.


  • toning
  • sensitive skin
Lait D' Shikon 120ml57

Lait D' Shikon 120ml


Lait D' Shikon (Moisture Milk) 120ml

This Lait D Shikon works effectively for skin that is sensitive, dry, flaky and wrinkles easily due to moisture lost in the skin. It works wonders on dry and dehydrated skin and ensures that skin's moisture is replenished as well as prevents skin from ageing.

After cleansing, washing and patting on the toning lotion, place some moisture milk on your palm and spread it evenly over the face, concentrating on dry and wrinkled areas. Gently pat the skin to allow the moisture milk to get thoroughly absorbed into the skin.


  • moisturize
  • sensitive skin
Shikonil Lip 1.8g59

Shikonil Lip 1.8g


Shikonil Lip (Treatment Lip Balm) 1.8g

A unique blend of natural moisturising and conditioning ingredients such as Olive Oil and Shikon extracts, that will heal and treat dry, and uneven coloured lips.
This Shikonil Lip is free of artificial chemicals and the natural colouring is from Shikon roots extracts, which is light red . It is non-sticky and glides on smoothly and beautifully on your lips.
It helps to take care of your lips while adding a subtle hint of shine. It is also suitable for babies and sensitive lips.
Apply directly onto the lips day and night.


  • lip balm
  • sensitive skin