About Us

Olive Beauty Care Pte Ltd was founded in 1984 to be the sole distributor of the all-time best seller Olive Manon Virgin Oil. We've since gained reputation from many Singaporeans over the years. We strive to bring in the best beauty care products to Singapore.

The Ushimado Farm

Our Olive Plantation is the single largest plantation in Japan and is located in Ushimado, Okayama Prefecture, located on the opposite shore of Shodoshima. This large-scale cultivation of olive trees is used mainly for the production of Olive Manon Virgin Oil and its related skin care and health products. The farm also provides picturesque sceneries for many locals' and tourists' pleasure and enjoyment.

History of Olive Manon

In 1940, our olive groves were conceived from a plan by the late Dr W. Hattori, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nippon Olive Co Ltd. Dr W. Hattori recounted why he was so fascinated with the olive tree, especially during the eve of the outbreak of the war.

The chief attraction of the olive tree was its multi-purpose usage, which was highly regarded due to its high quality. The fruit was nutritious and its oil could be used for medicinal purpose, as beauty oil as well as consumed as food. It is also the most compatible oil for the human body both internally and externally.